Glass House Counseling Agency
                                                             "Our Focus is Your Recovery"     

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Glass House Counseling Agency provides Mental Health and Substance Abuse counseling services to at-risk individuals, families, couples, children, and adolescents in the Las Vegas area starting with ages 5 and up.


Glass House understands the mental health needs of clients we service and their stressors such as: fear of the stigma of having mental illness, low income, co-occurring disorders, limited education, and the negative impact the economy has had on our community.


By our providing quality services, with an emphasis on recovery, we increase our client's awareness of self-help, strong support systems, and a better quality of life so they can cope with the daily stressors of life.


Glass House programs focus on client-driven results and solutions for our clients, families and their problems.  Our services delivery methods provide our clients with the safe, healthy environment, the structure, encouragement, and support they need to heal and develop skills to regulate and take charge of their own lives.


Our mission, as a company, is to remain committed in making a difference for our clients and the community by providing quality, healing services.


If you, or someone you love has a Mental Health or Substance Abuse problem or disorder and needs assistance, we hope you'll consider using the services of Glass House Counseling Agency.


Our Location: 1800 E. Sahara Ave Suite 104.

                          Las Vegas, NV 89104